Daily Programmes

Programmes: We now offer 2.5 hour courses which start at 10.30am and finish around 1pm in time for you to sit and enjoy the meal you have made with a glass or two of wine or beer. The full 4.5 hour lesson starts at 9.30 am and you will also be ready to sit down around 1pm to enjoy your meal.

We believe people cook better when in relaxed environment. That's why places are limited, to keep the group sizes low, which we feel allows for a more personal and friendly atmosphere to cook in.

You will get to create your chosen taste of Greece from Stifado, mousaka, souvlaki with pita,Spanakopita, chicken Kozani, psari plaki and stuffed baked peppers and tomatoes. Learn about local olive oils, wines and honey. We are situated in beautiful surroundings, not far from the sea and countryside.

Below are some examples of the programmes and dishes for you to choose from.


Create the beautiful intense flavours of beef Stifado, typically Greek with herbs and spices, red wine and delicious chunks of beef that melts in your mouth.

Make a lovely refreshing Greek Salad to serve with it along with traditional dips such as Tzatziki and hummous.


Moussaka – a well loved traditional Greek dish with layers of tasty minced lamb with herbs and spices, aubergines and potatoes and topped with a deep layer of creamy béchamel sauce.

Also make a refreshing Greek Salad and traditional Tzatziki and Hummous dips.


Spanakopita – Crispy filo pastry pie filled with spinach, feta cheese, onions and herbs, delicious either hot or cold and served with a lovely fresh Greek Salad, Tzatziki and Hummous dips.


Kleftiko – Succulent pieces of lamb, slow cooked with lemons and oregano, served with potatoes, rice and salad. Also create traditional Greek dips.


Vegetarian options with peppers and tomatoes stuffed to the brim with rice and herbs and then roasted in the oven. Make some Dolmades, lovely little parcels made from vine leaves and bursting with flavour. Hummous, Tzatziki, salads and garlic potatoes.